What You Should Know About Wolf Spider Control In Richmond

wolf spider crawling up a wall

Some bugs are more challenging to manage than others as the seasons change, and spiders are one of the more difficult pests we see. They tend to settle inside homes and then surface in notable numbers when the outdoor environment is ideal. When winter comes to Virginia, spiders seek refuge inside homes. 

You’ll definitely need professional pest control in Richmond if you want to get ahead of their sneaky invasions and abrupt appearances. Without expert care, you might face some serious consequences. Spiders can be quite troublesome, especially wolf spiders.

One of the most concerning things about wolf spiders in Virginia is their venom. It’s hard to predict how your body will respond to it if you’re bitten. Many people experience medical complications. Learn now how you can avoid these arachnids and the risks they pose. Commercial yard spray for spiders isn’t a suitable solution. Assistance from Allied Termite and Pest Control Of Greater Richmond is a better option.

What Are Wolf Spiders And Where Did They Come From? 

Wolf spiders are substantial in size, being one inch long or more. Their bodies are hairy, hence their name. Typically, they are black, brown, or gray, with yellow markings. To distinguish them from brown recluses and tarantulas, look for a bulkier build and shorter legs. These arachnids come out of wooded locations with a lot of sand and/or water. Your lawn or garden will appeal to them, particularly if it’s a bit disorderly. Spiders prey on grasshoppers, flies, and the like that tend to live in overgrown lawns. If food isn’t readily available or they notice insects are indoors, wolf spiders will enter your home. Further things to keep in mind are:

  • Infestations are confirmed with sightings; wolf spiders don't spin webs.
  • You’ll probably see wolf spiders around windows, doors, garages, and basements.
  • Surges of wolf spiders hint at a significant pest issue or that they have been lying dormant in voids and flooring.
  • Wolf spiders are quick, and while they are not venomous, they will still bite humans if they feel threatened.

Several types of spiders spin webs to get prey or store their eggs. Wolf spiders don’t; they create ground tunnels. Your yard can become rather messy with these pests in the vicinity. 

Is It Dangerous If A Wolf Spider Bites You?

Though it’s not likely to happen, it can be dangerous if a wolf spider bites you. Ordinarily, there’s temporary moderate pain. In a few days, any itching and swelling will subside. However, allergic reactions are possible. Contact a doctor if you experience rashes, muscle tightness, headache, and/or dizziness. Some important critical symptoms are shakes, breathing difficulties, sweating, nausea, and fever. 

Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Your Home

Local spiders will be less interested in your home if:

  • You eliminate clutter so that spiders don’t have a place to hide. 
  • You use canisters with firm lids to hold food and trash. 
  • You sweep floors and dust surfaces regularly.
  • You fix foundation cracks and water leaks.
  • You make sure window screens and door sweeps are intact.
  • You sit plants and wood a few feet away from the property.
  • You cut the grass and trim greenery on a consistent basis. 
  • You make a note of spider burrows and eggs if you see them so that you can report them to a professional pest care provider. 

Don’t forget that spiders consume other bugs, so seeing spiders around your home is often a sign of other pest problems. Contact us at Allied Termite and Pest Control Of Greater Richmond to address these interrelated issues.

The Best Way To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

The best way to get rid of spiders is to rely on Allied Termite and Pest Control Of Greater Richmond. Our skilled technicians will utilize quality treatments that can’t be purchased from a store. We have effective dusts, window seals, power sprayers, and more for both the interior and exterior. Follow-up services are available. Call or email us today for a free inspection with no obligation!