Should I Be Worried About Flying Termites Around My Richmond Property?

termite swarmers

Seeing flying termites around your property is not the best thing to encounter and can cause stress amongst Richmond property owners. To address signs of termites and for proper termite removal, pest control in Richmond is available to help you out.

What Do Flying Termites Look Like?

It is important to learn what flying termites around your property look like exactly, as this pest can vary based on the specific termite species. The flying termites that you encounter are otherwise known as termite swarmers. They are the reproductive termites that have left their original colony to find a new area to nest and colonize. Flying termites can be either solid red or black in color depending on the species, grow to an inch in length, and have a long pair of wings. Once these flying termites find a nest, they will partner up and shed their wings.

Termite Wings Could Be The First Warning Sign

As termite swarmers invade your property and find a place to settle, they will shed their wings. Finding shed wings around your home can be the first warning sign that this pest is tunneling somewhere and causing significant damage. Other signs of termites include:

  • Wood that starts to appear damaged or breaks easily upon being touched

  • Sinking floors or wooden floors that break

  • Bulging walls or peeling and bubbling paint on walls

  • Pinpoint holes in drywall

  • Drooping ceilings

  • Tight-fitting doors and windows

  • Galleries carved into walls or furniture (this appears like a maze pattern)

  • Termite frass around windowsill, baseboards, and doorjambs (this seems much like wood shavings)

You should note that ignoring these more serious signs of termites for too long can result in a termite problem that causes significant damage and is very hard to eliminate. Contacting termite specialists for your Richmond property is one of the best ways to deal with termite warnings signs and eliminate the risk of costly damages.

How Long Do Termites Live After Losing Their Wings?

Flying termites are part of a swarm that has a surprisingly short lifespan. Once a swarm begins, it may last between thirty and forty minutes. If the termites don’t find soil or a place to live promptly, they will die of dehydration in a few hours.

If these flying termites lose their wings, it indicates that they have found a place to live. When you see these shed wings around your home or property, it can mean that the termites have determined that your property is the best place to live. After losing their wings, these termites will live long enough to start a new colony and begin to populate it, a major problem that can lead to excessive tunneling and damage to your property.

How Do You Get Rid Of Flying Termites?

If you want to get rid of a termite problem and flying termites, you should be reaching out to the termite specialists for your Richmond property at the first signs of termites moving in. Only our experts at Allied Termite and Pest Control of Greater Richmond can help you with professional termite removal and termite protection in Richmond. Call us today to ensure that this pest is eliminated from the house walls and that they have no chance to start a damage-causing colony.

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